logologo solutions


  1. Metal smelt
  2. Crystal growth
  3. Thermal analysis
  4. Materials purification


Product advantages:

  1. High quality materials and processes
  2. High temperature resistance
  3. Excellent thermal shock properties
  4. Chemical Corrosion resistance
  5. Electrical insulation



1. 99% Al2O3 (Alumina)

High purity alumina (Al2O3 content > 99%) ceramics are ideal for high temperature applications. Alumina Crucibles are ideal for Broad applications, Tighter budgets, Repeatable performance and A service limit of 1700oC in vacuum or oxidizing atmospheres.


2. ZrO2 (Zirconia)

Zirconia (ZrO2) is more refractory, having a melting point some 500oC above alumina. Zircoa crucibles are ideal for induction melting of superalloy metals, in vacuum or oxidizing atmospheres. Other markets served include: Aerospace, Crystal Growing, Dental, Mining and Precious Metals.


3. MgO

Magnesium oxide crucibles can be used for ultra-high temperature processing of metals, slags, and superconductor compounds. MgO ceramic is full-fired with high density, fine-grain microstructure. It offers alternative to alumina because it exhibits better chemical resistance and is inert.


4. Y2O3

Dense yttrium oxide crucibles have lately attracted increasing interest because of the useful properties of this highly refractory material with a melting point of 2410oC. The yttrium oxide crucible material may be use for induction melting of titanium.




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